Consolas para vMix Switcher e Instant Replay

Control Surface para vMix

  • Programmable four-way buttons with OLED displays
  • RGB multi-level metering LEDs 
  • Function selector row 
  • Keyer/layer section with all essentials 
  • 12-key bus rows labeled for switching 
  • 61 dimmable RGB backlit elastomer keys 
  • Low profile durable transition fader 
  • Key labels for ATEM or vMix
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
  • UniSketch OS  

Keyboard X-keys XKE-124 T-Bar
Control Surface para vMix
  • Assemble your own custom video switching controller.
  • Smooth and solid T-bar reports 0-255 linear position value
  • 124 keys
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum case with powder coated finish
  • Addressable blue and red backlighiting for each key
  • USB connection to computer
  • Also offers unique USB HID data reports for full integration
  • A wide range of keycaps and blockers available
  • Video switcher key set availble to turn the XKE-124 T-bar into a video switcher

Control Surface para vMix

  • Tactile Controls for vMix Systems
  • 12 Program, Review, and Overlay Buttons
  • Backlit with Red, Green, and Amber LEDs
  • Four Downstream Keyer Buttons
  • T-Bar for Smooth Transitions
  • Two Transition Buttons for Quick Cuts
  • User-Assignable Function Keys
  • USB Cable for Communication & Charging  

JLCooper SloMo Mini USB
4-Channel Instant Replay Controller

  • Store up to 1000 cues (500 in and out points with Varispeed)
  • T-Bar for dynamic slow motion (sends Shuttle, Jog, or Variable play)
  • Programmable T-Bar, Min-Max, preset speeds, and active or passive modes
  • Log operation useful in QC applications
  • Metal construction
  • JLCooper Optical Jog Wheel
  • Host mode for developers (ES-SloMo compatible)
  • Browse clips and view clip names
  • Comes with automated replay
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Numeric keypad
  • Fast access function keys
  • Illuminated transport buttons

X-keys XKE-64
Replay Controller

  • For vMix Instant Replay
  • Industry Standard Jog & Shuttle Control
  • Smooth Action T-Bar
  • Instant Setup in vMix Built-In Template
  • Aluminum Case with Powder Coated Finish
  • USB Connection to Computer
  • Controls T-Bar: 
    • Continuously Variable MDM
    • Jog Knob: 10 Detents
    • Shuttle Wheel: Spring Return to Center with     
    • Seven Programmable Zones in Each Direction

JLCooper Universal SloMo Controller
USB Version

  • Mark In and Out Keys to Quickly Store Cues
  • Assemble, Insert, Crash and Disable (Lock Out) Editing Modes
  • Store up to 1000 Cues or 500 In and Out Points with Vari-speed
  • T-Bar for slow motion control – sends Shuttle, Jog or Variable Play
  • T-Bar Programmable – Min-Max, Preset Speeds, Active or Passive
  • Variable Replay Speeds
  • Programmable Cueing Modes – Automatic Play All ues Function
  • Two User Assignable Buttons
  • Global Record LocK